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Before you contact Vizi365, please go through these FAQs.  If you still have questions, please go to the contact section at the bottom of this page.


I heard that North Dakota residents that wish to join as Affiliates are not required to pay the $49.95 fee. Is that true?

Yes, that is true.

I live in North Dakota and I already paid $49.95 fee. How can I get a refund?

Email and request a refund within 90 calendar days of payment. Refunds will be processed within 14 calendar days of your request.

Must I sell products in order to qualify for commissions?

Yes, for both Retail Sales Commissions and for Matrix Commissions, you need to sell products. You don’t need to meet certain levels to receive Retail Sales Commissions, but there is a Minimum Sales Requirement for full Matrix Commissions. See Customer and Sales Powerpoint for details.

I am an Affiliate, and I forgot to meet my Minimum Sales Requirement!

You will still get all of your Retail Sales Commissions; however, the amount of your Matrix Commissions will be reduced by 25%. Do better next month!

How do Affiliates earn an income from Vizi365?

There are five ways Affiliates can earn with Vizi365. Click here for more information.

When do we get paid?

On the 10th day of the month. If the 10th day falls on a Saturday, the payday will be on the previous Friday. If it falls on a Sunday, the payday will be on the following Monday.

Will I make money from sponsoring people?

No. With Vizi365, you don’t earn anything from sponsoring people. Your Matrix Commissions are made from the Business Volume of the sales and purchases you and other Affiliates generate.

Can I be a part-time Vizi365 Affiliate?

Yes, you set your own hours and do what you can every month.

How can I get my Affiliate username?

When you sign up as an Affiliate, you will be asked to create a username. Be very careful when you do this because once the username is set, it will be permanent. Choose something you like!

Where can I find my signup link?

It will be visible in your back office under “My Network.”

How do I change my username or password for my account?

Your username is permanent, but you can change your password in your back office.

Should I enroll new customers?

Yes. Customers are vital to the Vizi365 business. They enable Affiliates to qualify for their Matrix Commissions. Provide your customers with your Vizi365 website link. Once your customers sign up using your URL, their purchases will be credited to you.

How do I sign up customers?

Give them your Vizi365 referral URL.

How long does it take to make money with Vizi365?

This will vary for each Affiliate. As soon as you complete setting up your account with Vizi365, start selling Vizi365 products and sponsoring people, you will begin building up your income.

Do I have to pay taxes on the earnings I generate through Vizi365?

Yes. Affiliates who earn at least $600 a year will receive a Form 1099 to file alongside your other personal income reports. Talk with your CPA about how to keep a record of your business expenditures.

Still need help with questions that have not been answered?

Affiliates can send us a message through the message center in their back office.

If you are not an Affiliate, you can use this contact form.

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