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Before you contact Vizi365, please go through these FAQs.  If you still have questions, please go to the contact section at the bottom of this page.


Will I get an email letting me know that my picture has been accepted into the contest?

No. If you don’t get an email within three business days, that means your picture has been accepted. Email will be sent only when pictures are declined.

The picture I submitted has been declined! What are some possible reasons?

All submitted images are checked to ensure that they don’t violate our Contest Rules (click here to go to the rules). If an image includes weapons, for example, or a hate message, it will be declined and a message will be sent to the Affiliate who submitted it. Images that are blurry or of low quality will also be declined. Submissions to ViziSparkles contests that are not related to the theme of the particular month’s contest will be declined as well. Vizi365 reserves the right to decline a submitted picture for any reason.

When and how will I know if my picture has been chosen as a winner?

When judges go over submissions to the previous month’s contests and determine the winning photographs, the winners will receive an email letting them know that their pictures have been selected. If the contest submission period is January, winners will probably receive their email around mid-February. Their pictures will be published in the March issue of the ViziMagazine they were selected for.

Can I re-submit a picture?

Yes and No. If a picture was declined because it did not fit in with the theme for a ViziSparkles contest, you can re-submit it to another contest. If a picture was declined because it violated one of the Contest Rules, we suggest you don’t re-submit it. It will just be declined again. If a picture was accepted to a contest, even if it didn’t win, it can’t be re-submitted because after each picture is accepted into a contest, it goes into our PhotoStock and the re-submission of the same picture would mean duplicates of the same image in PhotoStock.

Can I submit pictures that have been Photoshopped?

Yes. The photographs that you Photoshop needs to be your own, though, or the pictures must be ones that you have permission to Photoshop and submit.

What resolution do my pictures need to have?

Pictures need to be at 300 DPI or higher.

What happens to declined photos?

Affiliates who submit a photo that Vizi365 deems unacceptable will be notified. The photo will be deleted from submissions and will not be entered into the contest nor will it be added to ViziStock.

How are winning photos selected?

Administrators at Vizi365 choose winners based on a variety of qualification parameters which include, but are not limited to, quality, uniqueness, variety and appeal. All decisions by the administration are final and can’t be appealed.

When can photographs be submitted?

Each contest starts at midnight MST on the 1st day of each month and ends at midnight MST on the last day of the month. See here for our calendar.

How many pictures can I submit?

Each Affiliate can submit one picture per contest per month. If an initial submission is declined, you can try again with another picture until one is accepted per contest.

How does the collaboration between Vizi365 and Affiliates work in terms of photo ownership?

Affiliates retain ownership of the photos that they submit to Vizi365 contests. In addition to giving prizes to contest winning photos, Vizi365 provides Affiliates with a platform to use in selling their pictures. Affiliates understand that when customers purchase pictures, they are able to use the pictures any way they want, except generate income with them.

Where can I find pictures to submit for the monthly contests?

You can go out and take pictures to submit. Or you can look through the photos that you already have on your camera or phone.

I won! How do I tell my friends and family?

Congratulations! Give your family and friends your replicated website URL and tell them which ViziMag to look up and purchase!

Do I have to become an Affiliate if I want to submit photos to the contests?

Yes, you have to be an Affiliate to enter the Vizi365 contests.

Can I submit my photos to a contest without being an Affiliate?

No. You must be an Affiliate to upload or contribute your photos. Besides being able to submit photos to our contests and potentially winning prizes, being an Affiliate enables you to generate income from possible royalties and commissions.

My picture won first place! Why did I receive $345.00? I thought the first prize was $365.00!

Congratulations! When your picture was selected as one of the winners of the current contest, you were awarded a $20.00 prize. Later, when it was determined that your picture would win first prize, we added $345.00 for a total of $365.00.

Still need help with questions that have not been answered?

Affiliates can send us a message through the message center in their back office.

If you are not an Affiliate, you can use this contact form.

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