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Contests-ViziLook and ViziSparkles

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Contests-ViziLook and ViziSparkles

What are ViziMags? What is ViziLook? What is ViziSparkles?

ViziMags are e-magazines published by Vizi365: ViziLook and ViziSparkles. ViziLook is an e-magazine that includes the best 25 photos of the preceding ViziLook Contest which accepts submissions of random pictures. ViziSparkles is an e-magazine that includes the best 25 photos related to the theme established for each monthly ViziSparkles contest. Click here for the theme schedule.

What kind of pictures can I submit to the ViziLook contest?

ViziLook contests will accept submissions of photos of any type, theme or subject, provided that they don’t violate our basic rules (no porn, hate, weapons, etc.). For details, please click here to see the Vizi Contest Rules.

What kind of photos can I submit to the ViziSparkles contest?

ViziSparkles contests will have a specific theme every month. Submit photos related to the monthly theme. Themes are announced six months in advance. Click here for our theme schedule.

What are the themes for the ViziSparkles contest?

Click here for the theme schedule. Themes are announced six months in advance.

How many photos will be chosen for ViziLook? For ViziSparkles?

Judges will choose 25 winning photos each contest, for a total of 50 winners.

What happens when my photo is selected to be in ViziLook or ViziSparkles?

Winning photos are published in the next issue of ViziLook or ViziSparkles. First place winners will receive a $365.00 prize. The other winners (24 per contest) will receive $20.00 prizes. When each contest is over, all submitted photos are added to ViziStock to be sold as individual images.

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