Vizi Glossary

Here is a glossary with definitions for different terms or phrases used in Vizi365.



Anyone that purchases a Vizi365 Business Center by registering to be an Affiliate and is approved for distributorship by Vizi365.


Affiliate Personal Purchases (APP)


APP refers to the purchases that Affiliates make for their own personal use. All Vizi365 products are available to Affiliates at BV (wholesale) cost.


Business Center


Also known as a 2x8 matrix, with 2 people on first level.  It goes 8 levels deep.  In Vizi365, each Business Center is a downline organization of 510 Affiliates.  Qualified Affiliates earn commissions from the sales generated by Affiliates within their Business Centers. 


Business Volume (BV)


The BV is the dollar amount established for each product, equivalent to the wholesale cost. When Affiliates sell or purchase Vizi products, BV is what is credited to the Affiliate in the 2x8 matrix. The BV is then used to calculate Matrix Commissions. When Affiliates purchase products for their own use, their cost is the BV of the products. 




Anyone who is not a Vizi365 Affiliate that purchases Vizi365 products at retail price. 


Diamond Executives


Affiliates who have sponsored one hundred (100) Affiliates that have become Gold Executives with four (4) of them having become Platinum Executives and two (2) of them having become Ruby Executives. 




A downline consists of all the Affiliates that is your Business Center, either directly sponsored by you or by others.  In Vizi365, a full downline/Business Center has 510 people.


Gold Executive


An Affiliate who has sponsored two (2) Affiliates.


Matrix Commissions


Commissions earned from the sales generated by Affiliates on the even levels of your 2x8 matrix.  Commissions are not generated from sponsoring people.


One-per-household policy


In Vizi365, only one (1) individual from the same household can become an Affiliate. 


Platinum Executive


An Affiliate who has sponsored ten (10) Affiliates that have become Gold Executives.


Power of Two


A plan of success where Affiliates can succeed by getting two people into their organization and teaching their downlines to do the same. 

Retail Sales Commission (RSC)


RSC refers to the 80% of the difference between the retail price and the wholesale price (BV) that will be paid out to Affiliates.


Retail Sales Margin (RSM)


The difference between a retail price and the business volume (BV).  Can also be called the profit margin.




Earnings that Affiliates will receive when their photos are sold through ViziStock.


Ruby Executive


An Affiliate who has sponsored fifty (50) Affiliates that have become Gold Executives with two (2) of them having become Platinum Executives.


Silver Executive


An Affiliate who has sponsored one (1) Affiliate. 


Sponsor (noun)


1) An Affiliate who has Affiliates in their Business Center; 2) An Affiliate who has brought another individual into the Vizi365 business. 


Sponsor (verb)


To bring an individual into Vizi365 as an Affiliate.


Starter Kit


A selection of training materials, and demonstration products that is available to all Affiliates. The starter kit is included in the $49.95 when you purchase your first Business Center. 


Unranked Affiliate


An Affiliate who has just started and has not yet sponsored anyone. 




Any Affiliate above you within the Vizi365 business organization.


Vizi Career Plan (VCP)


The most comprehensive how-to guide for Affiliates to build their own successful Vizi365 businesses. 

Vizi Compensation


The  four different ways Affiliates can generate income with Vizi365: Contest Prizes, Vizi Royalties, Retail Sales Commissions, and Matrix Commissions. 


Vizi Contests


Monthly photography contests that are open to all Vizi Affiliates.  Affiliates can upload one digital entry to each contest each month.  Cash prizes are awarded to winners.




One of the two monthly Vizi Magazines. The ViziLook has 25 general/random prize-winning photos. 




Vizi365’s flagship digital magazines: ViziLook and ViziSparkles. 




One of the two monthly Vizi Magazines. The ViziSparkles has 25 prize-winning themed photos. 



A photo that has been selected to be one of the contest winners.  There are 25 winners/ViziStars per contest per month.




The part of the ViziStore where all of the photos that were submitted to the Vizi Contests are listed for sale to the general public.


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