Vizi E-Magazines

Photos are a great way of showing everyone the Visual Zings of your life! Remember the LIFE magazines that featured beautiful and fascinating photos, both natural and man-made.


LIFE was addicting, wasn’t it? Vizi365 is bringing back that cool PHOTOS-ONLY, NO-ADS concept, in a new, fun and rewarding way:

These are sample pictures you could submit to our ViziLook contests. Each digital issue of ViziLook will feature the top 25 random pictures chosen from submissions.

These are sample pictures you could submit to our ViziSparkles contests. See how the pictures are of the same theme.  Each digital issue of ViziSparkles will feature the top 25 themed pictures chosen from submissions.


Click HERE for all contest schedules.


Each issue of ViziMag will be available for purchase. After making your purchase(s), you can download the e-magazines and/or use individual photos for your various needs or save them as collectibles.  

Individual photos will also be available for purchase in the ViziStock area of ViziStore. 

Browse through the ever-expanding array of Vizi365 eMags and stock photos at

the Vizi365 Store.

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