Vizi Starter Kit

Everything a new Affiliate needs to build a successful Vizi team. All learning tools for Vizi365 are here for you, Affiliate.



Your ViziSuccess Presentations



Your ViziSuccess Documents



Your ViziSuccess Tutorials



Along with being able to participate in this opportunity and to build your business, as an Affiliate, you will have access to certain ViziPerks.  


  1. Visa Card – Each Affiliate will receive a personalized VISA Debit Card with the Vizi Logo. All prize money, royalties and commissions will be deposited into your Vizi Card on the 10th of each month. You will be able to use the card in the exact same way you use your current debit card.

  2. Work from Home - You decide your schedule.  You can work full-time or part-time.  You will be your own boss. No boring commutes to endure - drive only when you want to go out and take fun photographs! 

  3. Annual Conferences - Affiliates will have the opportunity to attend annual conferences where there will be workshops on improving photography, business and leadership skills.  Travel, learn and meet people at these conferences!

  4. Tax saving opportunities - You will be able to write off some of your current and/or future expenses when they are spent while doing business.  Please discuss these with your CPA.

  5. Inheritances - The business is designed for you to be able to pass on to your heirs.